Welcome to Maps and Diagrams by Chris Snow.

 I try to display all my prints and other art work here, inspired by maps, notebooks, text book diagrams, 1950's printing techniques and those moments when I feel connected to things around me

A full range of my prints and cards are available to view or buy in my own online shop or there is a slightly more limited range on Etsy.

I am always interested in commissioned work and intriguing projects - so please ask.

I grew up in Margate, right by the sea. I've moved about a bit since then but have spent about 14 years in Brighton. At the moment I'm living in a remote pocket of Shropshire.

I can accidentally spend hours exploring beautiful maps. I get a rush from a painstakingly drawn 1950-60s geography or science textbook diagram or a technical manual. I take too many photos of interesting buildings that now fill my computer. I like the way buildings and people come together to bring a place to life. I like to look for the patterns and paths that each and every generation seem to follow. I like to walk through old woods on windy days. 

So, with that in my head, I get ideas for pictures which I put on this website.

Each is of a limited edition, usually of between 10 and 50.

I hope you enjoy them.

Please get in touch.